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Gala, socializing and more...

Our team loves to create events by choosing locations “out of the box” and always amuse the guests in the most creative, attractive and confidential way.

From business meetings and catering arrangements to gala parties and dinners we are here to build everything from scratch.

The only information we need is the number of your guests.





The venues that Aktina Travel Group can propose are numerous, each and every one with unique features.


Athenian Riviera  


The Southern suburbs of Athens consist of a beautiful coastline, with green-blue water, organized beaches, marinas, resorts and more. From Faliro to Sounio there are many places and activities for all tastes and all circumstances.

Apart from traditional bar-restaurants and clubs, we can arrange an event to remember in places like:

-Limni Vouliagmenis

- Yali Waterfront Cabana Restaurant

-Voula beach

- or as well as a deck of a motor sailer to enjoy your meal while enjoying a magical sailing trip around the Athenian Riviera.




Seaside bar restaurants


We cooperate with the most trendy and high class seaside bar restaurants of Athens and we can arrange all kind of corporate events or something more private just for you. Here is a list of selected venues that will meet even the highest expectations when it comes to Greek nightlife and food experience.




- Ark

- Island

- Cooking Lesson – Island, in cooperation with Aria Catering

Come to a funky and outdoor fabulous kitchen for an experience of fun and flavor! Divide your guests in teams and create a meal that will impress the Chef of Island in presentation and flavor. Master Chef Challenge is a brilliant activity which breaks the ice and gets delegates mixing in a non-intimidating environment. The event also doubles as your noon or evening catering as the teams digs into the food at the end of the exercise.  


Beach Party


Turn your corporate event into a beach party experience. Cocktails on the sand, sounds of the sea and an excellent catering service can be the key of a very special and memorable event at an organized beach.


Acropolis Classic


It might be a cliché but it is really classy and you definitely have to try it during your stay in Athens. Enjoy a cocktail or dinner on the top of a roof garden with the most amazing view to the Acropolis. We know plenty of places that are far from any mass tourism experience and we will provide your guests with tips all along your night walk in the historic city centre of Athens.  

-A for Athens

-360 degrees

-Aktina’s Roof Garden


And many more...



Athens City Various


We, in Aktina Travel Group, believe that whether a trip is succesfull or not is 100% related to the experiences you enjoy while you travel . We can recommend you the best places for authentic Greek gastronomy and cocktails from hip mixologists and organize a unique event far from the usual.

• Kastelorizo Group

• Christina’s Catering  

• Six Dogs

• Various Taverns

And many more…



Private Residence  


Get prepared to welcome your guests at a residence with the cozy atmosphere of a mansion and the services of an exclusive event offering a lifetime experience.